Summer is filled with sun, sea and way too much good food! So how do you try to maintain your summer body throughout this season? Sure, we’ve all heard of juice cleanse, but let’s be real! A juice cleanse in summer? Would you rather be sipping on juice while everyone is enjoying their grilled meats, burgers and wine? Thankfully, there is such a thing as having the best of both worlds! Discover how to do a juice cleanse in summer without compromising on fun summer evenings with HEYLIFE.




heylife part-time juice cleanse in summer


HEYLIFE’s Part-Time Summer Cleanse has been specially created for hot summer days which allows you to juice during the day and BBQ during the evening! You get a great portion of nutrients during the day with this juice cleanse in summer. This part-time cleanse contains summery shots and juices including #SpanishLunch – a refreshing juice reminiscent of gazpacho which will make you wonder if you’re actually having soup or juice for lunch!

As the ideal juice cleanse in summer, you’ll start your day with a wake-all-your-senses-up lime shot, followed by three of the most popular HEYLIFE Raw Juices throughout the day including our favourite #TanningTime. TanningTime is literally summer in a bottle! It is the perfect companion for hot days and, thanks to the power of red apple, orange and turmeric, youโ€™ll feel the warming rays of the sun even on colder days.


how to do a juice cleanse in summer - tanningtime heylife rawjuice and ginger shot bottle on the beach


There is also a superfood shot taken with lunch and a delicious #MasterCleanse that you can sip on all day. While you hydrate your body and treat it with valuable nutrients throughout the hot summer day, you get to enjoy great food in the evenings without feeling the guilt. Just be sure to burn off the calories by dancing through the night!

If you think that you’ll be starving throughout the day just by sipping on juice, you’ll be surprised to know that the hunger pangs do not kick in. The raw juices are  actually pretty tasty and will definitely satifsy your tastebuds while keeping you full until dinner time.

The best part about doing a juice cleanse in summer with HEYLIFE Summer Cleanse is that you get to choose when to start and for how long you want to cleanse. It could be only for a day, a week or even throughout the entire season! There is something to be said about these juices when you actually start to miss drinking them once you stop. And did we mention the feeling of being less bloated and a visibly flatter tummy?

Feel good and maintain your beach body with this juice cleanse in summer! HEYLIFE Summer Cleanse is an easy way to stay hydrated while enjoying the best of summer.

HEYLIFE was founded with the goal of making healthy nutrition fast and easy. All of HEYLIFE’s products are made from the best plant-based, untreated raw materials and contain a high content of beneficial vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances: vegetables, fruits, various berries, roots, nuts and herbs – essential for our metabolism, health and well-being.

HEYLIFE can be found in various shops and restaurants throughout Switzerland and also offers a delivery service straight to your doorstep! To find out more on how to do a juice cleanse in summer or to discover other juice cleanse programs, visit


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