For those in Switzerland who are looking to experience the revitalizing benefits of a juice cleanse, why not begin your journey to wellness with HEYLIFE! Using 100% natural vegetables and fruits, these juices are made fresh to order and delivered right to your doorstep. Get your juice on with HEYLIFE Switzerland!

Juicing unleashes the natural healing power of the body and floods your system with powerful nutrients and anti-oxidants derived from vegetables and juices. While our body is designed to naturally detoxify itself, modern life has tremendously exposed us to more toxins.  As we are constantly surrounded by air pollution, chemicals, plastics, alcohol, caffeine, medications and food preservatives, our livers simply cannot keep up. Our sensitive organs and immune system are not designed to put up with these amount of toxins and have left us feeling tired, experiencing skin break outs, putting on weight, and leaving us with a weakened immune system. Juicing is a total experience designed to jump-start your journey to a healthier lifestyle. 

HEYLIFE juice cleanse is a great way to boost your immune system while nourishing your body. It also helps to eliminate unhealthy cravings, restore your desire for eating whole food, reset your metabolism and give you back your best energy.

Give your body a break and take in all the goodness of a Raw cleanse. 






A juice cleanse replaces meals with juice, eliminating your bodyโ€™s burden of breaking down food and freeing energy to support the detoxification process.  When doing a cleanse, your metabolism is set in motion and your body is being provided with a lot of vegetal energy. 

HEYLIFE offers different levels of cleanses ranging from their all-time favourite Classic Cleanse to the more intense Green Cleanse. 

We had the opportunity to sample the 1-Day HEYLIFE Classic Cleanse as juice-cleansing newbies over the weekend.  This cleanse is suitable for first-timers and for those who are looking at jumpstarting their fitness routine. Ranging from one to three days, there are six bottles of 400ml juices per day, delivering you a full-on organic and delicious cold-pressed juice feast! Each cold-pressed, BIO-certified juice feeds your body on a cellular level, using natureโ€™s most nutrient-rich produce to encourage a full body reset with every sip.


An example of a HEYLIFE juice cleanse One day menu contains:

  • Four of HEYLIFE’s most popular cold-pressed juices
  • One #MasterCleanse
  • One almond mylk as a filling protein kick
  • Two shots for a concentrated superfood snack



These juices actually keep you full and hydrated throughout the day as you will be consuming a big bottle of juice every couple of hours. Although there were moments when our hunger pangs kicked in, we persevered and drank water instead. You are also allowed to drink clear broth during the cleanse if need be.  

We advise you to cleanse dusing the weekend while you are more relaxed. We do not, however, advise you to watch Food Network on TV during the weekend. By the next day, we felt less bloated, our tummy flatter and we were less inclined to eat a whole pizza! We definitely recommend doing this cleanse a day before heading to the beach in your swimwear. 

All HEYLIFE juice cleanse packs come with proper instructions and description of the ingredients inside each bottle so you do not need to worry about doing it wrong. 

HEYLIFE grew from the idea that better nutrition can be fast and easy, too. Healthy eating can be hard to fit into your busy everyday schedule โ€“ simply because more often than not, there are too few fresh and balanced options, or the preparation of said is simply too time-consuming.

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