Summer is always a great time to go au natural with your makeup but sometimes, you’d like more attention to your face than your swimwear! For those who can’t bear going out without a full face of makeup for Instagram photos, or for those who just want to enhance their best facial features and flutter those lashes by the beach bar, we’ve selected some basic waterproof makeup products that will last you through summer.

While summer is perfect for a beach getaway, lounging by the pool and even heading for the lakes, the humidity and heat means makeup will melt off and smudge. Wearing makeup in summer poses some serious questions for beauty lovers.


best waterproof makeup products for summer


We’ve covered some of the common questions below and selected a handful of the best waterproof makeup products for summer for your beauty needs:


Do I jump in the refreshingly cool water and risk coming out looking like a panda?

If you had to choose just one long-lasting makeup must-have, it should be a good waterproof mascara. You might be able to get away with slightly smudged eyeliner but having mascara smeared all over your face is probably best left for Halloween. 


maybelline total temptation mascara with coconut piece on a blue background


Smudge be gone with Maybelline Total Temptation Waterproof Mascara. Infused with coconut extract, this mascara actually smells like summer! Time to flutter those lashes no matter wet or dry! Find out more here.


Am I missing an eyebrow?

There’s nothing worse than losing an eyebrow after one dip in the pool.


benefit cosmetics brow contour pro pencil surrounded by water

benefit cosmetics brow contour pro pencil shades


Benefit Cosmetics Brow Contour Pro is the ideal 4-in-one brow pencil that defines and highlights your eyebrows. With a blendable formula that lasts for 24-hours and waterproof, you’ll have amazing eyebrows that stay on throughout the day even while swimming.


My face looks like a cracked cake!

If you’ve tried using liquid foundation during the summer, you would have certainly experienced melting, streaking, and caking on the face. This isn’t a pretty sight as we know it but thankfully there’s a way around this.

For lightweight, hydrating and melt-proof coverage with SPF this summer, use a BB, CC Cream or tinted moisturizer.

 skinnies looks spf30 beauty gel light tube skinnies looks spf30 beauty gel tube



Skinnies LOOKS is a new kind of SPF30 sunscreen and beauty gel combined. With 4 in 1 protection, tint, repair and moisturizing this is a super charged BB cream ready for the active woman. It comes in Dark and Light for coverage that’s suited for all skin tones and skin types.


I swear I applied lipstick today.

Itโ€™s easy enough for normal lip color to come right off anytime of the day and the warm weather definitely doesnโ€™t help. Look out for long-lasting lipstick that will stay put even while sipping on your favourite summer drink!


woman biting on lipstick maybelline super stay


Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink stays put for up to 16 hours and comes in 14 saturated colours! Eat, drink, swim and be merry and never worry about reapplying.



So if splashing about in water won’t remove your waterproof makeup, what will? Thankfully, there are a number of products that cleanses the face with just a swipe. From micellar facial wipes to cleansing oils, there is something out there for even the most stubborn makeup. If you prefer something more natural, you can use coconut oil to remove waterproof makeup.


small jar of coconut oil with little wooden scoop spoon


Start with warming coconut oil by rubbing it through your finger tips. Spread all over your eyelids, lashes and face and gently rub in with circular motions. Remove the oil by wiping off with cotton pads. Splash with warm water and wipe with cotton pads once again until all the makeup is gone. Repeat if necessary. You’ll have clean and moisturised skin right after!

Try also our homemade tropical beauty mask with coconut oil for sun-damaged skin <<here>>

What are your best waterproof makeup products for summer? Let us know in the comments below.


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