Tired of having to draw your eyebrows every single day, only to have it wash off while soaking in the sea while on holidays? Say goodbye to waterproof eyebrow pencils and beach time wasted perfecting your eyebrows with an eyebrow embroidery for summer.

Eyebrow embroidery is a treatment that promises fuller, bolder and natural looking eyebrows that lasts for years. This treatment, also known as semi-permanent makeup, cosmetic tattoo, 3D eyebrows, 6D eyebrows or microblading, is a lifesaver when it comes to having perfect eyebrows that won’t wash away while you’re having too much fun under the sun.

Unlike permanent tattoos, the process of getting an eyebrow embroidery involves staining the upper layer of your skin with semi-permanent pigment using fine blades, ensuring your brows turn out natural and not dramatically drawn on. The colour will gradually fade over time so you’re not stuck with a particular shape for life.

If you’re looking for one of the best places in Malaysia to do eyebrow embroidery, look no further than Crissbrow Embroidery Art & Academy in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. This award-winning eyebrow studio specializes in creating perfect brows using the latest microblading techniques and styles that suit each individual’s face. 

Here’s what to expect during a Signature Eyebrow Embroidery session at Crissbrow:

eyebrow embroidery technician performing mist semi permanent makeup using embroidery pen on woman

1. Numbing cream is applied to the eyebrows and left covered for 30 minutes.

2. Eyebrow artist will consult with you on your desired shape and colour.

3. Eyebrows are drawn out and precisely measured to suit you. This process can take up to 60 minutes or more depending on your decision.

4. Eyebrow artist begins the embroidery by outlining the shape and filling in with semi-permanent ink. This will take up to 1 hour or more per side, depending on your skin condition, shape and pain tolerance.

5. Once completed, your brows will look significantly darker in colour. This will be temporary and the colour will lighten out when the skin heals within a week.



Will I feel any pain during the eyebrow embroidery?

You will feel a scraping sensation but as long as the numbing cream is doing its job, the pain is akin to eyebrow threading. If the numbing cream wears off and you feel any discomfort, do ask the artist to reapply more cream and take a short break.

How long does the eyebrow embroidery typically last on average after itโ€™s done?

It can last between 1 to 3 years depending on your skin condition and the way you care for your eyebrows.

How do you care for your eyebrows after embroidery?

Crissbrow’s eyebrow embroidery is pretty much maintenance-free. Do not scrub or exfoliate the eyebrows, avoid face creams and oils and ensure that your brows are cleansed gently. You can apply sunscreen over them but use gentle cleansers to remove it after.

Can I go out under the sun after having eyebrow embroidery?

The recommended recovery period is one week for the skin to fully heal. You can still go out under the sun prior to that, however, do avoid direct sunlight to the eyebrows. Wearing oversized sunglasses will do the trick if you need to be out under the sun for a longer period of time. After the skin is healed and the pigments are settled, you can continue your fun summer activities without worrying about your brows.

How much does it cost for an eyebrow embroidery?

At Crissbrow Embroidery Art & Academy, the price for their Signature Mist Brow starts from MYR650 upwards including 1 free touch-up within 3 months after the first session. Additional charges between MYR100 – MYR400 might be applied should there be a need to cover up a previous eyebrow embroidery design, depending on the complications.

What makes Crissbrow Signature Embroidery different from other eyebrow embroideries?

before and after shot of mist eyebrow embroidery microblading on asian face

Crissbrow mixes different techniques to form their Signature Mist Eyebrow Embroidery. The Mist brow consists of an ombrรฉ effect similar to having a light layer of makeup over the eyebrows while still keeping them as natural-looking as possible. Each eyebrow is carefully drawn out and you will never be rushed out of the outlet until you are fully satisfied with your results. As such, Crissbrow is the place to go to for the best eyebrow embroidery experience in Malaysia.

synthetic japanese style lash natural extensions on asian eye

Crissbrow also offers Kenkล Japanese Eyelash Extensions to complement your amazing brows. This lightweight eyelash extensions are perfect if you do not like having your mascara run down your face while swimming or melting in the heat! Using only premium synthetic lashes imported from Japan, you’ll have longer, thicker, natural-looking lashes that last up to a month with proper care. Choose between Classi Finest or Bloomy Blossom or mix them both for a customised look!

Price for the eyelash extensions start from MYR150 onwards.

You can get more information on Crissbrow’s services including eyeliner embroidery, lips embroidery and eyebrow courses on their website or send them a message on Facebook.

interior of crissbrow embroidery academy with display shelves of awards and products

Crissbrow Embroidery Art & Academy

70-A, Jalan SS 2/60
47300 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia






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