Summer has officially begun and it’s time once again to start planning for your next holiday destination. Instead of the usual summer destinations, why not explore some of the world’s most idyllic beaches this year. From pink sand to white sand, emerald to turquoise waters, couples only to family spots, there is a beach out there for every sunlover. Here are our top 5 best beach getaways for summer around the world:




top 5 best beach getaways for summer around the world pink beach elafonissi crete


Located on the southwestern tip of Greece’s largest island, Elafonissi Beach is surrounded by azure waters and pink-tinted sand, yes, pink! There are also dunes, white lilies, cedar trees and black rocks to be discovered on the beach.

You’ll also find a small lagoon where the water is calm and does not exceed more than one meter, making it ideal for children to play in. Take a mere 200-metres walk across its warm shallow waters and you will find yourself on Elafonissi Island where you’ll discover multiple white sandbars, its natural islet and you might even encounter the endangered Caretta Caretta  turtles which makes this protected area their home.  Elafonissi Beach is certainly an ideal summer playground for all. 





top 5 best beach getaways for summer around the world champagne beach vanuatu girl floating in sea


This is probably Vanuatu’s most photographed beach and it’s no wonder why. Surrounded by jungle, this beach has the finest, whitest sand you’ll ever see in your lifetime. Sand so fine that it even squeaks as you walk on it.  

It is said that this beach got its name from its naturally shaped coastline that resembles an old champagne flute as well as its crystal-clear lagoon filled with effervescant water that fizzes like champagne during low tide. We couldn’t think of a better name for this beach as is!

Champagne Beach is usually visited by tour boats and cruise ships from Australia, but don’t let that deter you from exploring it on your own. During the days when the cruise ships come in, the local people will set up a market place so it’s definitely worth a visit. If you’re lucky, on some days there are no other visitors except yourself and you can relax in seclusion or snorkel out to see some of the most amazingly colourful corals and marine life around the bay. 





top 5 best beach getaways for summer around the world ngwe saung beach myanmar


Covering more than 13 miles of the coastline of Myanmar, Ngwe Saung Beach offers its visitors one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Here, you can find a handful of luxury beach resorts that is less crowded than other beaches around Southeast Asia. 

As Myanmar only opened its doors to tourism in 2011, Ngwe Saung is still largely undeveloped and this is a great beach if you’re looking for some peace and relaxation. Besides working on your tan on the silvery sandy beach, you can also check out the local village and market, visit the nearby elephant camp and  trek by foot and watch the gorgeous pink sunset from Lover’s Island when the tide goes down. 

Ngwe Saung is more suited for couples who seek tranquility and just want to get away from it all.





top 5 best beach getaways for summer around the world al jissah beach muscat oman


Accessible only by means of being a guest at the prestigious Shangri-La Resort in Muscat, Al Jissah Beach is certainly one of the most luxurious beaches around. Enclaved by majestic montains that rise behind, the beach is stunning with white sand and crystal clear emerald waters of the Sea of Oman. 

Marine life can be found as soon as you step into the sea and for those who want to do more than just top up their tan, there are watersports activities including kayaking, sailing, scuba diving and even dolphin watching. The resort’s coastline is also just one of the two in Oman with turtle activity. 

With three resorts along the coast, you can relax on the adults-only private beach or swim in the sea with your children in the family resort area.





top 5 best beach getaways for summer around the world praia do ancao portugal beach umbrellas


Praia do Anção is the place where locals in the know go to enjoy the beach. With sand dunes as a backdrop, and the Ria Formosa Natural Park create a stunning environment, Praia do Anção has one of the most beautiful landscapes in The Algarve. 

You will find top class restaurants and bars with stunning sea views, sun loungers and even watersports and beach activities to enjoy your time under the sun. The water is warm, the climate mild and the sun is out most of the year. 



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