We all know how to keep our bodies fit for summer, but we tend to neglect our face care. Too much fun in the sun can lead to premature aging and skin pigmentation which unfortunately cannot really be avoided if you’re living in a tropical country like Malaysia. However, there is a way to give your face a complete workout and reverse the signs of aging with undoubtedly the best anti aging facial in Malaysia at Emma Lizs Salon.

Emma Lizs Salon’s non-invasive, anti-aging facial treatments are designed specifically to produce dramatic results on deep wrinkles, pigmentation, dark circles, acne and sun damaged skin. These treatments work at the muscle level to lift, sculpt and replenish collagen and elastin for safer, highly effective and long-lasting results.

When you walk into an Emma Lizs Salon, you will be transported to a cosy British countryside retreat, with teddy bears and floral motifs all around. Your journey to younger, firmer skin begins with a one-to-one consultation with your therapist. During the consultation, you will fill up a form to select your preference for massage pressure and skin concerns. The therapist will determine which facial is best suited to your skin condition with no hard selling of any add-ons or packages. Emma Lizs Salon is confident of their treatments and products and believe results speak louder than words without the need of any pressure to buy or intimidating sales talk.

interior waiting area of beauty salon with sofa and indoor waterfall

interior of emma lizs salon treatment room with pink walls and massage bed

For our sensitive and slightly sun damaged skin condition, we were recommended the REBOOST Tabata Facelift. As most of us know, Tabata is a form of exercise for the body to burn calories in a short amount of time. Tabata for the face is something that we were excited to try as to us, it meant getting a fitter face while lying down and relaxing. The Tabata Facelift is designed as a high-intensity workout for the facial muscles using 8 sets of nanotechnology currents. These currents improve facial muscle growth, assist in fat burning around the cheeks and chin, increases cell metabolism for skin renewal and increases cell regeneration for scars healing.

Emma Lizs Salon uses their own exclusive range of products that carries the brand name Enliven. This complete skincare products range has been formulated for flawless skin for salon use and also for home use.

The facial begins with a gentle pressure massage on the legs followed by a head massage to allow you to fully relax. Cleansing of the face is done and a gentle milk enzyme exfoliation is left on before the extraction of blackheads, whiteheads and other impurities. Your therapist will explain each step to you if you prefer or you could leave it to her skilled hands and drift off to sleep.

emma lizs anti aging lifting machine facial plates
Emma Lizs Facelift Machine

The anti aging process takes place with a machine that emits nanotechnology currents, adjusted to your needs. The two metal plates may look like your face is getting a good ironing, which kind of works as a concept to even out the creases of aging. The right pressure is used which results in an extremely relaxing treatment which you may never want to end.

Emma Lizs’ REBOOST Tabata Facelift promises a more youthful skin and facial contours, tightening and lifting of facial muscles around the eyes, cheeks and neck and firmer skin with more elasticity. The before and after photos below shows refined pores, evened, smoother skintone and lightening of our pigmentation in just one anti aging facial treatment session.

before and after anti aging results
Left: Before Treatment / Right: After Treatment

Each facial treatment session lasts around 1.5 to 2 hours and you are never left in the room alone at any time. Blissful massages are given throughout the treatment with your head, arms, back, neck and decolletage areas all well taken care of. You will be pampered from the get go and will leave looking radiant and most definitely relaxed. This is what makes Emma Lizs our top pick on where to go for the best anti-aging facial in Malaysia.

How often should we do the anti-aging facial?

It is suggested to follow-up with an anti-aging facial once a week for facial muscle strength recovery and once a month for maintenance thereafter.

How long do the effects of an anti-aging facial last?

It all depends on the current strength of your facial muscles. After a series of anti-aging treatments at Emma Lizs Salon based on your skin condition and recommended duration, the effects should last about 2 years depending on the individual’s lifestyle and health conditions.

First time customers of Emma Lizs are entitled to a promotional price of just MYR288.00 for any non-invasive facelift therapy that is recommended by their experienced Beauty Therapist upon consultation. 

This promotion is to allow first time customers to experience the products and results at all Emma Lizs Salons without any risk of spending too much on something that they might not be comfortable with. 

At Emma Lizs, there is no obligation to sign up for any packages once the treatment is over.



collagen vitamin powder supplement in jar and spoon with cup outdoor nature

To boost the results of the anti-aging facial treatments after your session at Emma Lizs, we highly recommend Emma Lizs All-natural Collagen C+ supplement. The key benefit of this Beauty from Inside product is the L-Stereoisomer Natural C+, which is a biologically active collagen co-factor. It has been used in functional medicine for its antioxidant values and quick acting nutritive therapy for better skin health.

Emma Lizs Collagen C+ supplement contains Indian Gooseberry, Rose Hip, Hawthorn Berry and Ashwagandha. It is rich in Vitamin C+ and also packed with Vitamin A, Calcium and Iron and amino acids.

This natural supplement can be mixed with water or added to your favourite radiant skin smoothie bowl. Only a teaspoon a day is required to boost your beauty from within. The Collagen C+ has been created together with Utara Dietetics to ensure that all nutritional values are met and approved.

Collagen C+ retails at MYR280 and can be purchased at all Emma Lizs outlets or shipped to you.


A good hydrating moisturiser is the best tip for anti-aging. According to Alice Teoh, founder of Emma Lizs Salon, Hydration = Healing. As we increase the skin’s hydration levels, it will help the skin to heal faster and reduce darkening of the skin and scars. Hydration is also the skin’s protection against environmental stress.


Slathering on sunscreen while on the beach is an obvious thing to do. However, sun protection indoors is also necessary to protect our skin from UV rays. As long as there is light, there will be UV Rays that might be harmful to our skin. UV Rays have been shown to weaken our collagen and elastin levels and is one of the root causes that ages our skin. A good sunscreen with a minimum of SPF30 is necessary for everyday use.


Alice recommends drinking at least 1.5 liters of water a day. Drinking water is an essential habit as our body needs it to regenerate new cells for our well-being and youthfulness.

youthful and radiant Alice Teoh portrait photo, founder of Emma Lizs Salons
Alice Teoh, Founder of Emma Lizs Salon

collage of emma lizs salon exterior facade and interior with anti aging facial lifting technique

Emma Liz has been Malaysiaโ€™s leading beauty experts in anti-aging since 1993. Helmed by its founder, Alice Teoh, Emma Lizs Salons provide professional non-invasive facelift and facial rejuvenation services under the healing hands of UK-trained therapists.

Book a treatment now and experience the best anti aging facial in Malaysia at

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