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Now that the festive season is over, all those days of indulging in great food and drinks; while truly enjoyable, has some of us making a New Year’s Resolution to keep fit in 2017 after watching the scales go up. It is no wonder that gym memberships soar in January every year. A great way to kickstart your health, even before running two hours on the treadmill everyday, is by giving your digestive system a rest from processed foods and in return, you’ll get glowing skin, a clearer mind and enhanced wellbeing amongst other benefits. Afterall, change begins from within so get your summer glow with Glow Healthbar Switzerland!



With Glow Healthbar’s ‘Glow Cleanse’, you can select three programs to suit your requirements. The 1-day, 3-day and a 5-day cleanse aims to assist your liver to detox by giving your body a break from processed foods while ensuring it has its fair share of raw nutrients. 

A cleanse replaces all meals and snacks with juices made from fruits and vegetables. It enhances the natural absorption of nutrients and with a lower calorie-intake, some might even experience water weight loss. Another great benefit is that the cleanse eliminates dairy, wheat, gluten and fermented foods from the diet. This allows you to understand your body better and discover which type of foods you may be allergic or sensitive to when re-introducing food to your diet after the cleanse. 



GET YOUR SUMMER GLOW WITH GLOW HEALTHBAR switzerland juice cleanseGlow’s Slender Blender Cleanse is the perfect choice for us at SunStyleFiles. This cleanse has been specifically designed for those who want to feel lighter or maintain their overall health. This cleanse is also meant to increase metabolism which helps us burn fat more easily and gets us ready for summer all year-round!

The Slender Blender Cleanse comes with 7 bottles of goodness per day. A great kickstart to the day is the shot of Apple Lemon Ginger & Cayenne Pepper. Down the hatch it goes and you’re ready to take on the world! The juices are numbered to ensure you get the maximum nutritional benefits througout the day following the order listed. Rest assured you won’t get hangry throughout the day as Glow’s Slender Blender Cleanse also includes two soups that can be eaten hot or cold.

This is a very convenient way to consume a healthy amount of fruits and vegetables – some of which we wouldn’t even bother buying, trying or eating in our lifetime! It also does help that everything is blended into liquid form and we have no choice but to drink them all up – which isn’t all that bad to be honest. 

We took the 1-day cleanse which is highly recommended a day before a long-haul flight. We were well hydrated prior to take-off and didn’t feel bloated throughout our journey. The best part is that we were all beachbody-flat tummy-ready as soon as we got off the plane. Do take our lead and opt for the vegetarian in-flight meal to allow your body to readjust to protein the next couple of days after the cleanse.  We bet that you’ll also feel lighter and better with the cleanse after a flight as well. 



Glow is the first of its kind, American-Style Juicebar in Gstaad, Switzerland.

We are about raw fuel : Unprocessed foods that are consumed over a few days to restart your system and enhance your overall sense of wellbeing; allowing you to feel better , sleep better, get glowing skin and bring out the sparkle in your eyes!

What sets Glow apart is our secret weapon : TASTE! Our recipes are created by Blanca , Glow’s co-founder, together with pioneer juicing expert from New York, Jill Pettijohn.

Glow Healthbar delivers directly to your home througout Switzerland. The juices come in a recyclable cooler bag. and has a brick & mortar store in Gstaad where you can drop in for juices, soups and tasty treats.







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