When searching for islands to go in Malaysia, one of the most popular destinations will be Langkawi Island. The Jewel of Kedah – Langkawi Island, is situated on the west coast of Malaysia and is easily accessible via daily ferries from the mainland and Penang Island. It also has an international airport with direct flights from Kuala Lumpur. The main draw of Langkawi is for its duty-free prices, beaches, hotels and resorts to cater for all budgets. However, one of the must-do activities is to explore a few of the 99 surrounding islets around Langkawi. Island hopping in Langkawi is a day-long activity which will take you to some of the island’s most illustrious islets and shouldn’t be missed during your time there.



Pulau Dayang Bunting

Island hopping in Langkawi, Malaysia, Pulau Dayang Bunting silhouette of pregnant maiden on hills

From afar, you’ll see why this island is named as the Island of the Pregnant Maiden – a direct translation from its Malay name. The unmissable silhouette of a pregnant lady lying on her back is formed by hills and trees. There is a gorgeous lake within the island, Tasik Dayang Bunting, where you can immerse yourself in its refreshingly clear waters, shrouded by a green tropical forest. Legend has it that women who cannot conceive need only take a sip of the water or swim in the lake and she will be blessed with a child.

There’s a kiosk on-site selling drinks, snacks, and souvenirs, as well as paddleboats and life jacket rentals. Entry tickets to Tasik Dayang Bunting aren’t usually included in the day-tour packages. Fees are MYR6 for foreigners and MYR3 for Malaysians.

Pulau Singa Besar

Island Hopping in Langkawi, Malaysia, eagle feeding frenzy at Pulau Singa Besar day tour boat ride

This island is a wildlife sanctuary that is home to eagles, monkeys, monitor lizards, peacocks, mousedeer and even hornbills amongst others. Although translated as “Big Lion Island”, there are no lions in sight here.

Pulau Singa Besar is undeveloped in order to preserve its precious nature has no basic amenities or lodging. You’ll find some wooden pathways and marked jungle tracks which have been built for jungle-trekking while the secluded beaches are great for swimming and picnicking. A one-day trip can be arranged with an experienced nature guide while overnight camping requires permission from local authorities. Visitors can contact the Langkawi Tourist Information Centre (+604 966 7769) before arranging for the latter with private speedboat rentals ranging from MYR500.

The island is also a popular stop for day-tours with eagle spotting and feeding being the main attraction. Although you won’t be able to get off the boat, you better get your cameras ready as you’ll be up close and personal with a variety of eagles flying around you while the boatmen feed them with raw chicken.

Pulau Beras Basah

Island Hopping in Langkawi, Malaysia, Pulau Beras Basah beach with boat and trees

Pulau Beras Basah, translated to “Wet Rice Island” – presumably because of the texture of its fine sand, offers its visitors crystal clear, calm, shallow waters and white sandy beaches. It is the perfect place to rest and relax after visiting the other islands and ideal for a family day out. Lie by the beach and soak up the sun or relax under the shady trees – the choice is yours on this picturesque island!

There used to be a resort on the island, however, it has since been shut down. You will find one shop selling snacks and drinks at premium prices. Be prepared with your own supplies if you want to save money and remember to take your garbage along with you.

No changing rooms and toilet facilities are available on the island so make sure you already have your swimwear on before visiting Pulau Beras Basah.

Notable wildlife on this island are the ‘beach monkeys’. These monkeys are bold and will snatch your bags in search for food. Keep watch on your belongings at all times.



While some tours provide a bottle of water, do remember that the island hopping in Langkawi tour takes an average of 4-hours. We suggest you take the following items with you:


– Hat (Remember to hold on to them while the boat moves)

– Bottle/s of water

– Snacks/ Picnic Basket


– Towel

– Change of clothes if needed


– Camera



The half day island hopping tour takes between 3.5 to 4 hours and starts from MYR35 upwards for adults and from MYR30 for children under 12 years with hotel pick-up and drop-off. This tour is usually a shared boat tour with departure times at 9am and 2pm daily.

If you prefer to charter a private boat to tour the islands at your own pace, expect to pay upwards of MYR500 for up to 8 adults for a full day. Most boatmen will also show you some secret coves, inlets and hidden beaches if you ask.

Jet Ski tours are also a popular option for those who love the thrill of adventure. Prices are from MYR600 to visit the three popular islands above for a duration of 4 hours.

To discover more about island hopping in Langkawi Island and its numerous attractions, click here.

*Images courtesy of Tourism Malaysia
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