Real women have real bodies and not all of us have been so fortunate to emerge from the sea looking like a Bond Girl or a Victoria’s Secret model strutting her bikini on the beach.  However, there are ways to create an illusion of a shapelier you with the right swimwear. As such, we have created our “real women, real problems” swimsuit shopping guide to find the ideal swimwear for your body type that will show off your best assets.



On a plus side, you get to flaunt off the trendiest cuts and skimpier styles of swimwear without over-exposing yourself. If you do decide to bring more to the chest area, a smaller bust can easily be “boosted” with the help of a push-up, ruffled or embellished bikini top and even good use of inner paddings. 


PINK by Victoria’s Secret



Lucky you! Although, if you prefer not to have all eyes on your ample chest, do stay away from string bikinis! A sturdy underwire or cupped bikini top and one-piece swimsuit with thicker straps will provide the lift and support you need when strutting around the beach. Do opt for a size up as we really don’t want to have our side boobs spilling out.





Is having a short torso one of your shortcomings? (haha) The trick to enlongating a short torso is to actually trick the eye into adding a few inches to your mid-section with a flattering swimsuit. An asymetrical one-shoulder swimsuit, monokini with cut-outs and string bikinis and low-rise bottoms all help with the illusion of a longer torso.


H&M Swimwear



Having washboard abs is something a lot of us desire but fail to have. We sometimes feel self-conscious about wearing a two-piece in fear of exposing our jelly-bellies to the world, especially right after Christmas! Thankfully, there are so many swimsuit options out there that can help give the appearance of a flatter tummy. A stretchable high-waisted bikini bottom will help flatten the belly while a one-piece swimsuit with ruching or peplums around the tummy area will give an illusion of a flatter tummy. Go sexy with a plunging neckline that will definitely keep the focus upwards and draw attention away from the mid-section. 





Having no bottom padding can be a pain in the butt when you’re looking for swimwear. Pert up as there are ways to make your flat bottom appear bigger. Get cheeky and bare more skin with sexy brazillian bottoms (the smaller the bikini bottom, the bigger the butt) or go for more coverage with bottoms that are ruched, scrunched, frilled, ruffled or embellished to draw attention to your assets. Don’t shy away from bright colours as well. 


Seafolly Australia



So you’ve been blessed with a big booty. Embrace your curves by ensuring that your best assets are displayed without compromising on the coverage. Side-tie bikini bottoms gives the ability to adjust the width and provide the needed lift while solid bottoms with printed tops will help balance out your booty in proportion to your figure. 


Cotton On Body



Slim down your silhouette and reduce the appearance of your thunder-thighs with a skirt-suit. Bottoms with a skirt covers more of your upper thigh and give the illusion of leaner legs. Bring back vintage glamour to the beach! A word of advice: leave the boy-shorts to the boys.





If Kylie Minogue can look like she’s 6ft tall, so can we! Create longer-looking legs with simple adjustments to your swimwear styles by opting for thigh high cuts. It’s pretty simple – the higher the cut, the longer the legs. Channel your inner Baywatch babe and go for a one-piece with thigh high cuts or choose scrunch butt bikinis, Brazillian bottoms or string kinis for added leg length. 


Monday Swimwear


We are all created different and that is what makes us unique! But with the help of the right swimwear styles, we can be our very own Bond Girl or Victoria Secret model under the sun. Keep in touch with us on Facebook if you think we’ve missed out on your body shape! 


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