It’s Halloween season once again and if you still haven’t found the right costume, we have come up with some fun DIY Halloween costume ideas for the beach! As we always try to reduce, reuse and recycle, we hope that these swimwear costume ideas will inspire you this Halloween. It’s time to upcycle your old summer outfits and have fun dressing up your swimwear into awesome Halloween constumes for the whole family!

All you need for your DIY Halloween costumes are:  an old swimwear, a few accessories plus some scary makeup and you’ll be trick or treating in no time – on and off the beach! 

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A simple black one piece swimsuit will do the trick. Pair up with some cat accessories that can be bought really cheap online, draw on some whiskers and you’ve got yourself an adorable little black cat! If it gets too chilly out there, just put on a pair of black leggings and that’ll do the trick. Meow!

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do it yourself black cat halloween costume with black swimwear and cat headband black tutu and collar


Almost every boy should have a set of swim rashers in their summer closet so why not pull them out, grab one or two empty soda bottles, a roll of industrial tape, some strings to attach to the bottles like a backpack, a snorkeling mask and Voila! You’ve got yourself a Super Scuba Kid!

fun ways to dress up your halloween swimwear for little boys scuba diver outfit with snorkels and tank


Being a mermaid is overrated. Why not go as a shark-bite victim this year? Find an old one piece swimsuit and cut out a section to replicate a shark bite. Cut out a strip of white cloth and sew it around to look like teeth. Get creative and add fake blood on the sides and if you’re an amazing make-up artist, go for the full effect of goring it out with 3-D internal organs effects. 

FUN WAYS TO DRESS UP YOUR SWIMWEAR DIY halloween costume ideas for the beach shark bite swimwear


We’ve saved the scariest for the last with the most iconic bright green swimwear known in this era – Borat’s Mankini! Gentlemen, this is an outfit for the brave souls that will certainly bring laughter, if not, fear into the eyes of others. Find your wife/partner’s old one piece swimsuit and with a good pair of scissors, cut a deep V opening in the front and the back and you’ll be ready for some scary times! Nice!

borat green mankini on the beach halloween idea

Do try these fun DIY Halloween costume ideas for the beach and make it a great summer HALLOWEEN!

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