As the biggest fan of coconuts and all things coconut,  we are on a coconut craze this season! From coconut water to coconut oil, we are aiming to cover almost all the products that comes from coconut. Try our Delicious Coconut-y Apricot Snack Bar recipe courtesy of Freaking Wholesome Malaysia and Panda Vita Baobab Powder using dehydrated /dried / dessicated coconut!
This recipe is easy and is perfect for all occasions and for all ages.


Makes 6 Bars


1/2 c gluten-free rolled oats
1/4 c buckwheat groats
1/4 c dessicated coconut
1/3 c dried apricots
1/4 c medjool dates
1 tbsp Panda Vita Organic Baobab Superfruit Powder
1.5 tbsp extra virgin coconut oil
1 tbsp fresh lime juice
A pinch of salt

35g raw chocolate bar


Delicious Coconut-y Apricot Snack Bar recipe



1. Place all the bar ingredients into the food processor except for the extra virgin coconut oil & fresh lime juice. Process until mixture is crumb-like in consistency.

2. Add in extra virgin coconut oil and fresh lime juice. Pulse the mixture until a dough-like consistency is achieved.

3. Remove the mixture from the food processor and firmly press the dough mixture into a lined mini loaf pan. Set in the freezer for 15 minutes.

4. Meanwhile, melt the raw chocolate bar over a double boiler and remove once it fully melts. Set aside to cool slightly but ensure it does not set.

5. Remove the mini loaf pan from the freezer, turn out the set mixture and slice them into 6 bars.

6. Drizzle the bars with the melted raw chocolate.


Freaking Wholesome is an online raw dessert shop based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia providing vegan & allergen-free dessert options. Using only the best ingredients, Freaking Wholesome promises a guilt-free treat for all to enjoy.
More information can be found on Freaking Wholesome's FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM 


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