Achieving a smoother, sleeker body contour is easier and faster than ever before, thanks to a wealth of readily available body contouring options in Malaysia. There are so many different treatments to choose from so how do you know which procedure is going to give you the best outcome? Even with a healthy lifestyle, sometimes stubborn fat just refuses to budge. Imagine if only there was a way could just melt our fat away without having to go for invasive surgery. Well, there is! The non-invasive body shaping slimming treatment with Le Shape can melt fats away from our problem areas with its light-based laser technology.

At Ozhean A.M Clinic, you can achieve your summer body goals with a laser lipolysis body shaping slimming treatment with Le Shape. This specific fat melting laser treatment is safe, effective and delivers visible results in a short time. As one of Malaysia’s top aesthetic clinics specializing in slimming, Ozhean A.M Clinic’s qualified team of medical practitioners will guide you through the most effective slimming treatments available based on your concern, including Le Shape.

Le Shape slimming treatment is the first non-invasive, non-surgical lipolysis in Malaysia to help you lose your stubborn fat in a safe way.ย  Using 1060nm diode lasers, the FDA-approved Le Shape can target and remove stubborn fats while also reduce the appearance of cellulite and firm up the skin. The laser energy is delivered into the treatment area, where it targets the fat cells and liquefies them. Since fat responds to a lower temperature than other cells in the body, heat can be used to destroy these cells without damaging surrounding skin and tissue. The liquefied fat is eliminated by the body in the weeks following treatment, so you see results develop gradually. In just one session, you can reduce the treatment area by up to 24 percent.

how Le Shape works under the skin
How Le Shape works under the skin

Popular areas for laser lipolysis treatment are usually done around the abdominal section, flank, thighs, arms and back. The fat reduction is permanent and creates your desired body contour within a few months. It is definitely an easy way to slim down the excess stubborn fat without much effort.



At Ozhean A.M Clinic, the doctor will conduct a consultation to see if you are the right candidate for Le Shape slimming treatment. Not everyone will be suitable for the treatment and this will be assessed by the doctor. Patients with loose skin or fat inside the abdomen, deep to the muscles are not suitable candidates for the Le Shape treatment. You will be informed on how effective the slimming treatment will be for your areas of concern and the number of treatments required to achieve your desired body contouring goals.

Your body measurements and weight will then be taken along with photos of your area/s of concern for your record.

During Le Shape Treatment

body shaping slimming treatment with le shape placing brackets on tummy area
Doctor locking in place the brackets on targeted treatment area for laser slimming
Doctor explaining to patient on bed with le shape laser lipolysis machine hooked on - body shaping slimming treatment with le shape
Le Shape Laser Lipolysis machine treatment procedure in session

Once taken into the treatment room, brackets will be strategically placed around your targeted treatment area/s. The doctor will then place the laser device on your targeted area/s. Once everything is in place, the machine will start at the lowest setting. This is when you will feel a slight burning sensation. Over 25 minutes, the heat from the lasers will gradually increase based on your tolerance levels. You will be monitored at all times by a therapist. You will feel discomfort on the targeted area/s akin to a slight burning and tingling sensation. However, the equipment has a cooling device to protect your skin from feeling too hot throughout the treatment.

The treatment only targets the fat cell layer and the surface of the skin is not harmed.


Once the treatment is done, there will definitely be a sigh of relief! The treatment area will appear slightly red and tender but there won’t be any burn marks. The following days, you will feel soreness from within but on the surface, there will be no signs of bruising or redness. This is the result of the treatment being effective in targeting and eliminating the fat cells. The soreness will gradually fade away after a week. The downtime of laser lipolysis is minimal and you can continue with your daily activities as per normal right after the treatment.

Four main reactions after a Le Shape slimming treatment are swelling, redness, pain and itchiness. These reactions are normal directly after the procedure and will resolve by itself after a week or two on most individuals.


before and after laser lipolysis slimming treatment of abdomen mid section area body shaping slimming treatment with le shape
Noticeable difference in body contours with Le Shape SLimming Treatment in just one session

Results will vary in individuals. Most people will see visible results after six weeks and the results will be more apparent after 12 weeks in just one session. Extracellular lipids and cellular debris evacuate naturally by the body within 3 months.

Each treatment will effectively reduce between 10% to 15% of fat cells and some people might need to repeat up to five sessions if they wish to reduce more fats, subject to the doctor’s recommendation. It is recommended to repeat the sessions after four weeks for optimal results.

There will be inch loss as fat is eliminated from the body. Le Shape laser lipolysis is an elective slimming treatment procedure that is targeted towards fat loss and not weight loss. For better and faster results, you may combine the body shaping slimming treatment with Le Shape together with lifestyle modifications, medications such as Duromine with a doctor’s prescription or machines such as Cristal Fat Feeezing and Lipocel.


The normal price for LeShape slimming laser lipolysis treatment in Ozhean A.M Clinic in Malaysia is MYR600 per part. As a guideline, the lower abdomen consists of 2 parts and the upper abdomen is another 2 parts.

parts division for le shape treatment
Parts required for different areas of the body with Le Shape

At Ozhean A.M Clinic, the current Fire Ice Slimming Treatment Promotion allows you to try out both the Le Shape and Cristal Fat Freezing machines at an exclusive price of just MYR1,399 (usual price: MYR3,200). This promotion consists of 1 session of LeShape or LipoCel treatment (inclusive of 2 parts) and 1 session of Cristal Fat Freezing treatment (inclusive of two parts). This is the ideal way to try out which slimming machines suits you best for the long run and to see actual results at an introductory rate.

reception area of ozhean clinic bangsar branch with velvet green chairs and white interior
The cosy reception area at Ozhean A.M Clinic in Bangsar
ozhead medical doctors team posing in clinic
Ozhean A.M Clinic team of qualified doctors

Ozhean A.M Clinic is the first Korean Aesthetic Clinic in Malaysia offering unique Korean slimming programs. Ozhean opened its first outlet in South Korea in 2015 and has since expanded to five outlets in Korea and two in Malaysia.

For more information and to begin your fat-loss journey in a safer way without any surgery, book your complimentary consultation here:


exterior facade of ozhean clinic in bangsar


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