Our featured lifestyle blog on healthy lifestyle tips for a greener living in summer is This helpful blog is created by a young working mom in Malaysia to provide health, beauty and travel tips for moms on-the-go.

According to its founder, Jene, the goal to become healthy should not be chasing a far-off dream. Health is a lifestyle that we build and improve on each day. It is our outlook in life that translates into our daily routine.

โ€œA healthy lifestyle not only changes your body, but it also changes your mind, your attitude, and your mood.โ€

Jene’s biggest influence in her life is her mother. Jene’s mother has a backyard garden full of herbs, vegetables, and flowers and Jene fondly adds that her siblings and her will always have a concoction of brewed oregano and wild honey whenever they develop a cough or a steaming basin filled with eucalyptus whenever she has asthma. Organic healing and recycling plays a big part in Jene’s family.

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Below are a few healthy lifestyle tips for the summer with an emphasis on Going Green by :

Green Practices For A Healthy Body

A green lifestyle is a way of life centered on sustainable practices to reduce carbon footprint. But more than saving the environment, you also save money while living a healthier and happier life.

Remember to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle for a better tomorrow and try to participate in community beach cleanups whenever you can.

Walk Whenever, Wherever

Car emissions are amongst the most common sources of air pollutants. As a green-living advocate, walking your errands is a healthy choice to make. Walking is a form of weight-bearing exercise and its benefits include heart and lung fitness, reduced risk of heart disease, increased muscle strength, and reduction of body fats.

Besides walking, you can also use a bicycle or a scooter as alternative means of transportation to help the reduce pollution. This is also a perfect way to enjoy the summer sunshine while saving the planet.

Make Better Food Choices

Sustainable food choices means choosing healthy, organic, and locally grown food products such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and vegetable oils.

A sustainable diet may not be easy to do but the best way to start is to try to consume as much local and in-season products. The idea behind this practice is to reduce travel miles of food and to prevent the consumption of foods that are rich in preservatives. Eating healthy is good for maintaining your ideal summer body throughout the year.

Discover our collection of healthy raw food recipes here.

Maximize Natural Light

Create a sustainable home with the use of as much natural sunlight as possible. Besides conserving energy and money, sunlight stimulates our body to activate Vitamin D and the production of serotonin which makes us happier people. Maximizing natural light inside your homes can be quickly done through installing larger windows or simply cleaning your existing windows regularly. Reflective mirrors can also be used to attract more light and create the illusion of a wider and brighter space.

Invest in Organic Skincare

Synthetic ingredients in skincare products can cause clogged pores and other skin problems while some can even be toxic to marine life and the environment. Opt for organic and natural skincare that’s regulated and your skin and the environment will thank you.

Try our homemade recipe for an easy all-natural tropical beauty mask for sun damaged skin.

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With these healthy lifestyle tips, everyone can live a healthier, balanced life with less impact around us and enjoy the sunshine for more days to come!


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