Want easy breezy summer hair all year round? Why not wear a piece of summer on your hair everyday!  SunStyleFiles has some tips for easy yet stylish ways to do your hair that will take you from the beach to the bar. From summer hair accessories to styles, there is something for all lengths!



Bright, colorful flowers look amazing on a puffy, high ponytail or a loose chignon. Keep it simple with one or two colours that complement your hair colour – rich yellow or white for brunettes and brightly colored blooms in tones of red for blonde hair. For the evening, use a jewelled accessory what will add a touch of glamour to the hairdo.


Say Goodbye to Summer Damaged Hair

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Also known as the Alice band, headbands have made a comeback with a modern twist that can easily dress up any style. Try on a double thin headband on short and layered styles or go for a thicker Barberella-style headband for longer or wavy hair. In the evening, use an embellished headband on perfectly slicked-back hair to take you from the beach straight to the clubs.




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The easiest way to do a braid is to pull hair back in a low ponytail and plait the end. To style it into a chignon, simply twist the plait clockwise and secure with bobby pins. If you want more height, start with a high ponytail and follow the same steps. Create a bohemian look by plaiting random sections of the hair.



One of the easiest styles to achieve with the use of a styling product such as GHD Sea Spray which helps curl and create waves on hair.

Another way to achieve loose, tousled curls is to apply an overnight softening treatment such as L’Oreal Professionel Serie Expert Liss Ultime Nuit to hair, then pull up into a high ponytail and loosely plait.

In the morning, hair should be dry – if it’s not, use a hair-dryer to blow the braids dry. Release the braids and apply a mousse like Garnier Fructis Style XXL to create more volume.

Finish with Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray which gives your hair a sexy, sea “salty” texture, scrunch and you’re ready to go!


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Go on and wear a piece of summer on your hair everday!



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