Summer means flip-flop season and your toenails will be exposed to the public. Did we also mention that your fingernails can no longer be hidden underneath your winter gloves? (Gasp!) While we all know the basics of how to protect our skin from the harsh rays of the sun, we tend to neglect our nails. It’s time to nail it right this season with our guide on how to protect your nails in summer!

With lots of fun under the sun, we probably spend hours soaking in the pool or in the sea and do not even realize that our nails can get damaged. Nails are very porous and can absorb 10x more water than your skin. Too much time in the water will result in waterlogged nails which can lead to breakage and even chipping of nail polish. However, there are some easy steps to take on how to protect your nails in summer and keep your polish looking its best on and off the beach. 




1. Nail Strengthener


How to protect your nails in summer - Essie Grow Stronger Base Coat


Apply two coats of nail strengthener before heading out to the beach. This will ensure that your nails are protected with the coating like a shield. Although used as a base coat, essie ‘grow stronger’ base coat is formulated with Ginkgo Biloba, vitamin E and minerals that leave nails feeling stronger and protected and can be used as a nail strengthener alone. 


2.  Cuticle Moisturiser


How to protect your nails in summer - essie nail care apricot cuticle oil


Your nail bed needs care too! They can dry out due to elements such as rubbing against the sand, soaking in the salty sea or from the excess heat of the sun. essie ‘apricot cuticle oil’ absorbs quickly to instantly condition and protect cuticles from dryness, and provide nourishing moisture. Bring a bottle to the beach and let your cuticles soak up the moisture while you’re soaking up the sunshine!


3. Maintain Length


how to protect your nails in summer - filing toe nails


Did you know that the warmer the weather is, the faster your nails grow? Longer nails are also prone to snagging and breaking and that can’t be a good thing. Cutting your toenails and filing your nails down during summer reduces your chances of stubbing your toenails or ruining your nails.


4. Nail Polish


essie summer 2018 collection nail polish


What’s summer without vibrant colours on your fingernails and toenails? essie’s limited edition summer collection 2018 will get you in a summervibe all season long! With six fun colours to choose from : this summer let’s walk barefoot in a sunny daze and spread the good vibes all daisy long.  with everyone making harmony, there is no doubt the fuchsia is bright. it’s the age of empower-mint. so this summer don’t forget, young, wild & me is the only way to be!


5. Reshine


how to protect your nails in summer - essie second shine around


The sun, sea and sand can fade the colour of your manicure and pedicure. Don’t let your mani lose its luster…just like the first time, you’ll love your mani with essie’s ‘second shine around’! This polish refresher helps restore the appearance of polished nails to a salon perfect finish.


and finally, the best overall way on how to protect your nails in summer is to…


6. Moisturise, Moisturise and Moisturise


how to protect your nails in summer


Hand and feet lotions are a must-have in summer for smooth and soft skin. Not only will the skin around your hands and feet look good, the moisturisers also help keep the cuticles soft and nails nourished.


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5 thoughts on “<span Style='Color:#ffa500;font-size:24px;'>BEST NAIL CARE TIPS FOR THE BEACH <h1><h3> HOW TO PROTECT YOUR NAILS IN SUMMER

  • July 15, 2018 at 12:39 pm

    I like that my nails grow faster in summer but no matter what strengthener I use, they always break. Are you sponsored by Essie for this? I hope so! 😉

    • July 15, 2018 at 1:33 pm

      May we suggest supplements containing zinc for nails and hair? We do collaborate with them 😉

  • July 15, 2018 at 12:09 pm

    Not being a flip-flop person, toenails are the least of my worries. I could, however, benefit from nail strengthener for my finger nails in general, no matter the season. They tend to tear at the same spot.

  • July 11, 2018 at 2:59 pm

    thanks for the tips! I tend to keep it pretty natural, but in summer I like to have some colour on my toes!


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