Taking the concept of travel gear into a new era, the collection Longchamp by Shayne Oliver merges Longchamp’s history of craftsmanship and French elegance with Oliver’s transformative aesthetic, resulting in a dynamic offering for both men and women. 


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The founder of New York-based cult menswear label Hood by Air together with the luxury French leather goods and fashion house, Longchamp, have developed an inventive capsule collection of travel accessories and ready-to-wear that merges the distinct creative spirit of both collaborators, resulting in Longchamp by Shayne Oliver. The collection includes leather goods, footwear, ready-to-wear and garment bags, as well as a new iteration of Longchamp’s iconic Le Pliage® tote, reimagined by Oliver.

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Momentum and possibility, movement and progression have always been the forces behind Shayne Oliver’s vision, driving the artistic direction of his collections and collaborations. These elements have informed Oliver’s overall point of view, which he brings to his new collaboration with Longchamp By Shayne Oliver.


longchamp by shayne oliver longchamp by shayne oliver longchamp by shayne oliver  


Throughout the collection, proportions are challenged and silhouettes are altered, disrupting the preconceptions of modern day travel. Travel takes on a new art form, underscored by unwavering freedom and temporal mobility with Longchamp By Shayne Oliver.

Longchamp By Shayne Oliver will launch on 4 May 2018 in Switzerland and select Longchamp stores including the Longchamp Soho store in the US and on before rolling out to Longchamp stores internationally in early May 2018.

Jean Cassegrain founded Longchamp in Paris in 1948 and the company is still owned and operated by the family. Longchamp handbags, luggage and accessories are known all over the world for the quality of the craftsmanship produced by its studios. The company has expanded into the fashion sector and offers footwear and ready-to-wear collections. Longchamp is an international brand whose creativity and vitality has remained strong for many decades. It embodies Paris chic and the uninhibited, slightly rebellious nature of the French art of living. All over the world, Longchamp is a part of life for people who are on the move, free-spirited, urban voyagers who appreciate the pleasures of distinctive and authentic luxury. Spirited new ad campaigns and exciting projects with a long list of artists are accentuating the liberated and creative mindset of Longchamp that shines through on every continent with over 300 exclusive boutiques.


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  • I saw this collection in some woman magazine 😀 Longchamp stays creative. I prefer more the classic bags by Longchamp but I am sure much younger audience loves it 🙂


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