St. Tropez is known as the summer playground for the rich and famous and almost everyone there sports a golden bronze tan. For the rest of you, we’ve created some tips to fake your tan the St. Tropez way without even leaving the house – even in winter!

As we have all read the article on ‘Benefits of a Good Tan’, a tan skin is glowing and gorgeous. We take a look at the famed St. Tropez bronzed tan with St. Tropez’s range of self tanners. This range of self-tanners give you a deep, bronze glow and does not make you look like a walking, talking bottle of Concentrated Orange Juice.




Used and relied upon by many celebrities, including Kate Moss, Eva Mendes, Charlize Theron and certain male actors, St Tropez is the leading brand in self tanners.


The secret to maintaining your tan


Here is an easy step-by-step guide to achieving the perfect tan all year-round without having to go under the sun:

1. Exfoliate, Exfoliate & Exfoliate!
No one likes an uneven tan, so to minimize product build-up and flaky skin, you should always polish your skin before self tanning. Try to do it every morning in the shower preferably a few days leading up to your self tan application. Remember, BEFORE not AFTER!

2. Hair Be Gone
Ensure that your wax or shave 24 hours BEFORE applying self tanners. Otherwise, you may end up with patchy legs, underarms etc. Wait for another 24 hours AFTER tanning before de-fuzzing yourself again.

3. Smooth Operator
Slather on moisturiser all over your body, concentrating on your dry areas ie: elbows, knees, ankles, feet, wrists and hands). The key is to have skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom to ensure a streak-less tan. Moisturise right after exfoliation/shave to prep your skin.

4. Dry, Dryer, Drying, Dried
Always ensure that you apply self tanners with completely dry skin. A cool and relaxing environment is necessary so that you do not perspire as it will result in an uneven colour.

5. Ready, Steady, TAN!
Here comes the fun part – putting colour onto your body! If you don’t want to risk having Oompa Loompa hands, then put on a latex glove or use a applicator mitt that can be purchased together with your self tanner.

St. Tropez’s Bronzing Mousse is SunStyleFile’s choice of self tanner as it pumps out in a foam-like consistency and you can actually see where the colour goes on.


St.Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse


Starting from your face down, ensure that every part of your body is evenly covered. Most people tend to skip the underarms, however, avoid having a strange white armpit situation by applying self tanner and then, using a damp cloth, lightly wipe the area five minutes later. While doing your arms, spread the self tanner to your wrists and even it out to the back of your hands. Use moisturiser to even it out if necessary. Spread the remaining tanner from your legs to your ankles and feet (careful with the toes and definitely not on the heels!).

6. Patience is a Virtue
Wait at least 60 seconds before putting on your clothes. Avoid tight-fitting clothing and underwear for at least four hours for the tan to fully develop and try not to get wet or perspire. Ideally, wait around six to eight hours before stepping into the shower.

And there you have it, your natural looking fake tan that will last for a week or so. To get a darker tan, just repeat the same steps 2-3 days in a row (but with only a gentle exfoliation) and remember to moisturise daily.

It’s TAN-Tastic!

For more tips to fake your tan the St. Tropez way and to view other products, do check out



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