A beach getaway with the family is always a fun idea and your little ones will definitely get their much-needed Vitamin D while having a blast under the sun. Sunlight is important for bone and muscular development as well as strengthening the immune system in babies and toddlers. However, too much sunlight can be dangerous and cause sunburns. The skin on small children are not as effective in protecting itself as compared to adults and must be protected from the harsh UV rays at all times.

Sun exposure is unavoidable, especially in tropical countries like Malaysia, with all its beautiful islands and beaches. Preventing sunburn on babies and young kids can be achieved by using the right kind of sunscreen or sunblock that is specially formulated for children.

Babies and young children have such delicate skin and using the wrong type of sunscreen might cause skin irritations including itchy red rashes. Allergic reactions can also happen if your baby has extra sensitive skin. For water-loving babies, there is also a risk of having the wrong type of sunscreen getting into their eyes while they’re in the water, causing blurry vision and stinging sensations.

If you’re looking for the best baby sunscreen in Malaysia, always make sure to find one that is specially formulated for babies and infants.

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Sanosan Sun Cream SPF50+ provides immediate optimal sun protection for delicate baby skin and is a safe sunscreen for infants, toddlers and young kids. The gentle cream formula contains no parabens, paraffin oil, perfumes, colourants or preservatives that can cause potential allergic reactions. Using valuable skincare ingredients such as organic olive oil extract, panthenol and Vitamin E, Sanosan Sun Cream SPF50+ is kind on baby’s skin and even face.

This specially-formulated baby sunscreen cream moisturises the skin and protects it from drying out, leaving baby’s skin soft while protecting it from the burning power of UVB and the cancer-causing potential of both UVB and UVA radiation as well as providing effective cell protection against infrared-A-radiation (IAR).

UVA radiation is consistent throughout daylight hours and can penetrate clouds and glass, so be mindful of protecting babyโ€™s skin every day of the year, rain or shine. Remember to put sunscreen on your baby and young children whenever they are exposed to the sun, be it on a beach or the outdoor playground.

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Sanosan Sun Cream 50+ is extra water-resistant without added octocrylene. This ensures that your baby will not have any sunscreen streaking down from the forehead into their eyes if they get water on their face. This no-tears sunscreen is perfect for water babies who love splashing around and swimming in the pool or sea.

Incorporating all the important ingredients necessary in a baby-safe sunscreen, Sanosan Sun Cream 50+ is the best baby sunscreen in Malaysia thus far. This non-oily cream glides on smoothly and is gentle on all skin types for babies, kids and even for adults. If it’s good enough for baby, it’s definitely good enough for the whole family!

To use the sun cream in an efficient way, rub the cream onto the skin in a circular motion and watch it dissolve in just a few seconds. This fast-absorbing sunscreen works immediately to provide instant coverage with a slight cooling sensation.

We tested and reviewed this sunscreen on both kids and adults under the sun. Sanosan Sun Cream 50+ did not leave any white streaky marks nor was there any sticky feel the entire day. The cream has a light smell but nothing too overpowering and is ideal for everyday use under makeup for adults.

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Tips to balance sun exposure with safe sun protection for babies and toddlers:

  • Keep infants under 6 months out of the sun and avoid exposure to the between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., when ultraviolet (UV) rays are most intense.
  • Dress your baby in sun-protective clothing, such as a lightweight, long-sleeved shirt and pants. Protect your baby’s head and eyes with wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses with UV protection.
  • The best sunscreen for babies are baby-safe sunscreens with a high sun protection factor of SPF25 to SPF50 with broad spectrum coverage.
  • Even when using sunscreen, sun exposure must be kept to a minimum for babies and infants. Each time the skin is burnt, it will cause long-term damage.
  • Always test the sunscreen on a small patch of skin at least one day in advance before using more liberally to make sure your baby’s tender skin does not react.
  • More is always better than less when it comes to applying sunscreen on babies above 6 months. Don’t forget their little ears and toes!
  • Waterproof sunscreen is recommended even though babies are not playing in water.
  • Reapply sunscreen every two hours and as soon as little ones are out of the water and exposed to sun again.
  • Thoroughly wash off sunscreen with a gentle cleanser that is suitable for little ones.
  • Apply baby body lotion to moisturise and re-balance your little one’s delicate skin. We recommend Sanosan Care Lotion for the best after sun care for babies. This rich formula made with skin-soothing organic olive oil and hydrolysed milk protein protects your baby’s skin against dryness. The baby lotion also helps support the natural protective skin functions by preserving the natural moisture content.

Find out more about Sanoasan Baby products and buy them now on their official online shop. Sanosan Baby Care products can also be found in pharmacies around Malaysia. Visit Sanosan Baby Malaysia’s Instagram @sanosanmy for product updates and giveaways!


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