SunGoesDown, an exclusive online only bikini shop, has been producing possible the most perfect bikinis since it started in February 2010. Simple. Sexy. Fun!

SunStyleFiles got its hands on a few pieces from SunGoesDown and boy oh boy, must we say, these tiny bikinis are simply stunning. Made in Macedonia, these bikinis are made of high quality materials and it’s obvious that their design team has done its fair share of research in producing tops and bottoms that fit to the body contours.

Available in four different solid colors – Royal Blue, Lapis, Confetti and Black – these bikinis are each sold separately. You’re no longer forced to fit your size 40 bum into a size 36 bottom that comes with your size 36 top! The freedom to mix and match your tops and bottoms in different colors and sizes are what makes this bikinis even more appealing. The colors are bright, flirty and fun and stand out on all skin tones.

SunGoesDown’s triangle bikini tops are lightly padded and its straps fully adjustable. These tops tend to look small when you first lay eyes on them but once it’s put on, they do their job by covering your bits and even better, supports and enhances the natural bust shape all at once. The inner linings are so smooth and soft and we just want to sleep in them!

As for the bikini bottoms, they have been designed LOW. So be warned that this is one helluva sexy bottom and should be worn with utmost confidence. However, they are equally as flattering as the tops and as it’s all double-lined with the same soft lining, you girls do not have to worry about the unwanted ‘camel toe’.

These bikinis are great for tanning in style while oozing sex appeal. There are just so many combinations you can create with these bikinis. Mix and match your old bottoms, tops or keep it classic with the same colors. Ahh, the endless possibilities! We also love how the label tags are discreetly hidden in the inseams and do not show or flap out at the sides. We’re pretty sure we’ve all seen some unsightly label tan lines before.

Finally, the search for a simple yet sexy bikini is over! When the Sun Goes Down, you’ll still be sizzling hot!

Start placing your orders now at and enjoy mixing and matching your perfect bikini! Care instructions are also available on the site.

SunGoesDown ships internationally and is available in Sizes 36 up to 42 EUR.

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